AI VentureTech works with a number of developers, and strategic partners, to collaborate on projects in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation, Cloud Computing, and Robotics. Below are a few of our partners we are currently working with.


Planned Projects

Below are projects AI VentureTech is currently focused on developing in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics

* Smartphone and Virtual Assistant Apps: The Company plans to build a suite A.I enabled commercial apps for use in next generation "intelligent" smartphones for such areas as ecommerce, healthcare, and education. Our team of developers will look to develop and integrate these applications with Amazon's Web Services (AWS), and Google AI platforms. In addition, we plan on building a number of "smart home" and "smart office" applications using Amazon's Alexa, and Google Home virtual assistants to assist companies in automation, as well as content entertainment.

* Personal and Commercial Robotics: Our team of developers will look to develop a number of robotic based projects geared towards both the consumer, and commercial market. These projects will range from personalized home robotic companions for the consumer, to commercial robotics for use in hospitals, nursing homes, and educational institutions. Some of these projects could also incorporate A.I and drone technology for use in agriculture, security, and utilities.

* Cloud Computing Applications: Our team will develop, along with our strategic partners, a cloud development platform for developers to build cloud based A.I. and Machine Learning applications. We will look to develop our cloud services for underserved markets, such as smaller businesses and enterprises, seeking big data solutions for their companies. Some of these cloud based projects will involve next generation 5G broadband, autonomous driving, inventory management, and smart city planning using Virtual and Augmented Reality applications.

* Drug and Gene Therapy Development: Our team, in collaboration with a number of top medical Universities, will explore the use of A.I. in the development of new drug and gene therapies in the areas of cancer, and heart disease. We feel the use of A.I. in the area of drug and gene therapy research could help speed up development of novel products, while staying true to our core mission statement of developing A.I. for the betterment of mankind.

In addition to these core projects AI VentureTech, Inc. will also look to expand its project portfolio through the acquisition of disruptive start-ups in the areas of business analytics, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, visualization tools, predictive modeling, and cloud advanced analysis.

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