AI Venturetech Issues Shout-Out to SpaceX Team on Successful Space Launch

(NEW YORK)–AI Venturetech would like to take a moment to send a big shout out to the SpaceX team on their successful launch of Inspiration4 towards the future of commercial space flight.

AI Venturetech, with its partner TulsaLabs, wanted to take a moment to congratulate the entire SpaceX team, from engineers to ground support, on a stunning and successful space launch on September 15, 2021.

We also wanted to take a moment to offer a big salute to Chris Sembroski, Sian Proctor, Jared Isaacman and Hayley Arceneaux who are the crew manning the first all-civilian mission for next 3-days in orbit.

Inspiration4 is the first human spaceflight to orbit Earth with only private citizens on board. Promoting and raising money for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the mission aims to promote four values: leadership, hope, generosity, and prosperity.

Tom Bustamante, the Founder and CEO of AI Venturetech, Inc commented, “SpaceX vision has clearly shown that commercial space exploration has reached an age of reality for private enterprise. We believe so strongly in the future of space technology that we have begun developing a Space Research Lab here in New York City, and Tulsa, OK, with a focus of developing an actual space port in the Midwest for future projects and collaborations. It’s an exciting time to say the least, and teams like SpaceX are truly leading the path to a new future of space exploration. The future is here, and we are ready to play our part in it as well.”

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Tom Bustamante,
Founder & CEO
AI Venturetech, Inc.