AI Venturetech Outlines TulsaLabs Revenue Model, and Path to Profitability

(NEW YORK)–AI Venturetech outlines revenue model for AppSwarm (OTC:SWRM) newly launched TulsaLabs, and suggested path to profitability.


As with any development stage project having a roadmap for revenue generation is key. So, we have laid out a broad revenue model we are advising to AppSwarm (SWRM) regarding the development of their TulsaLabs project.

Areas of focus:

AI and Data Consulting
Blockchain and Smart Contracts
Application Integration

Although the firm can be open to a much wider-scope of technology offerings we are advising these three main areas for initial development.

Key revenue breakdown:

70% – Consulting & Development
20% – Subscription Services
10% – Next Generation R&D

Consulting Revenues: Consulting and application development contracts will produce immediate revenues at high gross margin rates.

Services include smart contract and blockchain coding, application integration, backend API’s, or simply serving as technology advisory firm for clients.

Subscription Revenues: Offer products and services that can generate revenues on a per month basis through different tier subscription rates.

Next Generation R&D: Work to develop next generation technology and applications to begin building a patent portfolio


In addition to revenues, having a doable path towards profitability is at heart the name of the game. TulsaLabs currently has very low monthly operational overhead, and by leaning the majority of its focus towards technology consulting the company can quickly benefit from the higher gross margins from any new contracts.

Low Overhead: As a newly developing start-up project we are recommending they keep the core team small, and offset salaries where possible through equity compensation and/or performance stock options.

By maintaining a small core team, and outsourcing bulk of coding and development work out at cost, TulsLabs can quickly cover monthly operational costs and achieve basic profitability from just a few clients.

Based on this model, it is in our opinion that TulsaLabs, and their parent company AppSwarm, could easily turn this business model into a profitable operation with just two or three moderately paying consulting clients.

This is just a general roadmap we are advising to the company to build towards a profitable operation. A finalized and more detailed business roadmap for TulsaLabs is expected to be released from company new CEO shortly.

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