AI Venturetech Release Project Update on GTX Corp (GTXO)


(NEW YORK)—AI Venturetech, a New York data consulting and AI research lab, releases project update on its newest client GTX Corp (OTC:GTXO).

On the heels of our recent success with AppSwarm (OTC:SWRM) we wanted to give a brief project overview on just a few areas on how we envision GTXO expanding their business operations using new technologies.

AI and Data Analytics

Put simply, the fuel that powers AI is data. What GPS produces is points of data labeled at specific times and dates.

For this reason we see the potential for GTX Corp to move into AI and data analytics market based on their suite of GPS tracking products. Whether its tracking individuals with wearables, like their SmartSole’s, or asset and supply chain tracking for products, the ability to overlay AI analytics over this data could open the door for GTXO to become a player in AI and data analytics sector.

This is where we come in. While the company keeps its focus on its current healthcare and GPS operations we envision assisting them in building data cloud services that could compliment their current GPS products, or spin out as whole new crop of commercial applications.

Supply Chain Management

Through GTXO GPS Cloud Monitoring Platform, or NFC tracking technology, GTXO has all the infrastructure needed to be a global provider of supply-chain and asset tracking for larger enterprise manufacturers.

As an IBM PartnerWorld member we are recommending integrating technologies such as IBM Sterling, which offers full scale global supply-chain management solutions.

Enabled with AI and blockchain, IBM Sterling helps companies optimize connectivity, deepen visibility, simplify supplier management and keep more customer promises.


As we mentioned, blockchain could become a newer yet more exciting division for GTXO as it fits well for a company involved in providing real-time tracking data and information to end use customers.

Their recent deal to utilize their RoverTracker dog tags to connect to Pawtocol (UPI) blockchain is an exciting first step.

Thus we are recommending in addition to utilizing IBM Sterling, that the company also explore development of their own blockchain built off the IBM Hyperledger Fabric, which allows clients the ability to launch and manage their own private blockchain networks.

Hyperledger Fabric, an open-source project from the Linux Foundation, is the modular blockchain framework and de facto standard for enterprise blockchain platforms.

Markets for blockchain includes such industries as finance, banking, healthcare, IoT, supply chain, manufacturing and technology — which are creating open, standardized, enterprise-grade blockchain frameworks and code using Hyperledger Fabric to deploy smart contracts.

Broadband 5G and IoT

Through our growing contacts with NASDAQ listed broadband equipment partners we recommend GTXO explore how to utilize 5G products to develop and expand IoT opportunities by delivering large scale data delivery with next generation 5G devices.

The combination of 5G and IoT is expected to be one of the more exciting developments in the coming years.

Project Summary

In closing, there are some data privacy issues to work around, but GTXO has real potential to leverage their GPS technology to build “data points” on which they could expand this company into an AI and machine learning company offering new data analytic tools to bring them to the next level in a rapidly changing economy.

If data is the new oil, then GPS data is the new oil rigs.

We are excited to work with GTX Corp, and plan on providing project updates and insights on how some of our clients can use next generation technologies to expand their business opportunities, and grow value for their shareholders.

Project Updates

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