Cyber Command Center

AI Venturetech Cybersecurity Network assists financial firms in monitoring and responding to cyber threats around the clock. Our teams can assist in protecting your organization's assets including client information, business systems, and brand integrity. Let us build your cybersecurity incident response policies.

Financial: (broker-dealers, hedge funds, family offices, trading desks)
Healthcare, Media, Energy, and Utilities

Locations: New York City

Financial Cyber Threat Security

If you offer financial services, you’re under threat of cybercriminals. The finance industry is exposed to various cyber threats, from phishing attacks to the data breach. Companies that don’t protect themselves against these cyberattacks are in constant danger.

Here are some of the biggest cybersecurity threats financial service providers are facing today

  • State-Sponsored Attacks
  • Regulatory Inaction
  • Credential Theft and Identity Theft
  • Data Theft and Manipulation
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Ransomware
  • Cloud Providers
  • Third-Party Vendors

Cyber War Games

AI Venturetech Cyber Command Center in New York City will simulate cyber-attacks on specific client networks to test, measure and improve detection and responses to outside threats.

The command center will offer enterprise teams the chance to feel the intensity and pressure of a real-life data breach through an immersive, gamified experience in a simulated incident.

Incident Response Plans

Most financial firms should develop a strong incident response (IR) plan that outlines a set of instructions that businesses can look to for detecting, responding to and recovering from digital security incidents. An IR plan should also include live cyberattack scenarios, training and regular IR exercises.

SEC Proposes Cybersecurity Incident Disclosure for Public Companies

The Securities and Exchange Commission is proposing amendments to its rules to enhance and standardize disclosures regarding cybersecurity risk management, strategy, governance, and incident reporting by public companies.

Let us assist you in developing out your cybersecurity compliance

Partners and Solution

IBM Q-Radar, Splunk, Tego Cyber, IBM Cloud Pak for Security, Cloudflare

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