Investor Interest in Data Related Investments Continues to Grow

(NEW YORK)—Investment interest in data related stocks and private equity deals could continue to climb after strong IPO interest in Snowflake and Palantir.

To get an idea how hot data related investments are right now one only need to look at the recent IPO in Snowflake (SNOW) and Palantir (PLTR), which saw intense retail interest upon their initial public listing.

Other hot data related plays showing strong retail interest is Anaplan (PLAN), MongoDB (MDB), and of course DataDog (DDOG), which are up 20%, 78%, and 137% respectively.

AI Venturetech is developing its own data product called DeepSkyOne, which will focus on data warehousing, data analytics, and AI development under its Deep Sky Wireless division.

Work and Collaboration

Another area gaining big investor interest are stocks involved in ‘work from home’ and collaboration, such as Software as a Service (SaaS). To get idea of some of the recent winners in this area just take a look at Atlassian (TEAM), DocuSign (DOCU), HubSpot (HUBS), Slack (WORK), Zoom (ZM), and TelaDoc (TDOC)

AI VentureTech will also develop collaboration and work from home tools for data developers, and have recently launched our own Telehealth and video conferencing service, called TeleHealthSelect,  similar to TelaDoc and Zoom.

Future Public Listing

Add in prospects for low interest rates well into 2022 demand for AI and data related investments should continue to climb as the economy transforms post COVID-19.

For these reasons we feel the environment remains bullish for our proposed plan to take our AI and data cloud company public in future listing.

If you are qualify as an accredited investor, and have interest in joining us behind this project, please register below to request an investor packet on the company.

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