Q1 Velocity Fund
Los Angeles, California 90210, US
Phone: 763.307.4269
Email: info@q1velocity.com

LinkedIn: @q1-velocity-venture-capital

About Q1 Velocity

Q1 Velocity is a pre-seed/seed AI-driven fund in Southern California to back SaaS and IoT companies. Our motto is, hic manebimus optime, which means, here we will remain most excellently. The phrase “Hic manebimus optime! “according to Titus Livius was pronounced by Marcus Furius Camillus, addressing the senators who intended to abandon the city, invaded by Gauls, circa 390 BC. It is used today to express the intent to keep one's position even if the circumstances appear adverse. This Latin phrase aligns with our long-term mentality and persevering nature. We will help the market and companies overcome growth challenges, even when circumstances appear adverse or less than favorable. www.q1velocity.com

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