Thomas Bustamante

Founder & CEO

Thomas Bustamante is the Founder and current CEO of AI VentureTech, which is an expanding data science research and consulting firm based in New York City. With over 20 years of experience in public company finance, Mr. Bustamante now looks to aggressively leverage this experience in the data science industry. Getting his start in public relations in late 1990s, he worked for companies in their media and branding divisions. In 2005 he entered public financing where he lead companies and startups in developing materials towards public funding. In 2008 Mr. Bustamante expanded his experiences into advising companies with a focus on technology development, and integration. His knowledge of next generation technology trends, and experience in public company finance, makes him a perfect leader in building an advisory firm focused on the areas of Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Robotics.

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