Tulsalabs Creates Partnerships with Touchpoint (TGHI) and GTX Corp (GTXO)

(NEW YORK)--TulsaLabs expands technology partnerships into wearable AI and next generation urban transportation.

As head strategic advisor, AI Venturetech has been instrumental in guiding TulsaLabs, a division of Appswarm (OTC:SWRM), in building their next generation technology research lab in Tulsa, OK.

Although still in development stage, TulsaLabs has moved forward with its first clients to begin expanding its technological reach into areas such as wearables, AI, and new urban transportation.

1) GTX Corp (OTC:GTXO) is working with TulsaLabs to develop 'health analytics' utilizing artificial intelligence (A.I.) to assist in potentially extending human life span.

TulsaLabs will utilize data generated from GTXO wearable devices and sensors to develop cloud-based analytics that will monitor and analyze a user’s health data through long-term dataset development utilizing artificial intelligence.

This platform data will allow users to detect potential trends that can be offset with lifestyle adjustments to prevent the onset of some of the most common metabolic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Combined together, GTXO and SWRM look to break into the exciting life extension market as emerging player in the wearable industry.

2) Touchpoint Group (OTCQB: TGHI), together with Tulsalabs, announced plans to develop new urban transportation technologies, such as drone transportation all the way to personalized jetpacks.

Through TGHI recent acquisition of the World Championship Air Race (WCAR) both parties will explore leveraging technological in green power and advanced aerial mobility, including electric powered aircraft, EVTOL (vertical takeoff and landing), and personalized Jetpacks.

Tom Bustamante, the Founder & CEO of AI Venturetech, Inc. commented, "One key aspect investors should keep in mind is as TulsaLabs builds more partners these should not be looked at in a simple linear relationships, but rather as a cross network of technology partners who can work across different projects leveraging their own technology to expand TulsaLabs reserve pool of expertise through collaborations. This story is only just beginning."

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