AI and Space Investor Network

AI Venturetech is an rapidly growing community of accredited investors and venture capital firms seeking first-line access to early-stage artificial intelligence and space technology companies

Targeted industries include healthcare, manufacturing, energy, quantum computing, cybersecurity, and space technology

AI Research Lab

Collaborate with developers and academic institutions to build data solutions for commercial enterprises, and in the areas of advanced AGI research

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Space Technology

NY based space technology research division for such areas as robotics, autonomous vehicles, edge computing, and machine learning software

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Assist in the development of smart contracts and new blockchain applications. Provide guidance on compliance and access to our investor network

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Tech Consulting

AI Venturetech is a data and technology consulting firm that specializes in such areas as data analytics, cloud integration, and blockchain integration

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Funding the Future of Space

AI Venturetech helps build the bridge between private capital and emerging space companies

Our network of investors invests in visionary yet practical high-growth startups addressing the multi-billion dollar space markets that will both enable and benefit from the space revolution

We are passionate about entrepreneurship, finance and all things space, and are deeply committed to the mission of making the space industry accessible to companies and investors of all sizes

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Investment Partners

Contact us if you're an Institutional Investor, Family Office, or Private Equity firm interested in accessing new deal flow leads in the AI and data sector.

Technology Partners

Contact us if you're an AI or Space technology solution provider interesting in collaborating and marketing your technology to host of new clients and investors.

We help businesses accelerate the adoption of new technologies and machine learning strategies and development