AI Research Lab

AI VentureTech is a AI research lab and development company that leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver data-related products and solutions that empower customers through improving their business efficiency. Located in New York City, our team of data scientists and engineers can customize AI-powered software and technical solutions for both companies and institutions

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Data and IT Consulting

Our company works with entrepreneurs, scientists, and students within the data science community to assist in developing commercial products that utilize A.I. and Robotics in such areas as finance, education, and healthcare. The company offers product development services to companies seeking to integrate data technology within their enterprise through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

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Startup Investments

Through our institutional network, we provide seed funding to qualified start-ups involved in the areas of business analytics, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, visualization tools, predictive modeling, and cloud advanced analysis. We also seek AI companies interested in potential merger & acquisition opportunities.

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Our Mission

AI VentureTech core mission is to develop commercial products that utilize machine learning and robotic technologies towards the betterment of mankind, and humanity as a whole. The company will look to achieve growth through investments and collaborations with startup technologies, and by acquiring distressed AI and robotic companies and patents through merger and acquisitions. Our goal is to build value for our shareholders, while also staying true to our focus of 'Data for Good'.

Current Areas of Focus

- Machine Learning Research & Development
- Cloud SaaS Platform
- IoT and Smart Homes
- Robotics and Automation
- AI Utilization in Healthcare and Medical Devices




The market outlook for the A.I. and Automation integration may actually increase on any economic down cycle as companies seek to cut costs, and increase efficiencies.

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