Research Areas of Focus

Data Science & AI

Collaborate with developers and academic institutions to build data solutions for commercial enterprises, and in the areas of advanced AGI research

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Assist in the development of smart contracts and new blockchain applications. Provide guidance on compliance and access to our investor network

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5G Wireless

Integrate 4G LTE/5G wireless broadband into your business model through cloud and IoT commercial applications for Smart Cities and Smart Homes

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Space Research

NY based space technology research division for such areas as robotics, autonomous vehicles, edge computing, and machine learning software

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Business Services We Offer

Data and IT Consulting

AI Venturetech is a technology consulting firm focused on implementation of strategic initiatives around Data Analytics, IoT, Cloud & Mobility. Understanding data-driven insights brings business advantages: reduced costs, improved decision-making process, easier product & services launch. Contact us to see how we can help

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Startup Investments

Through our exclusive network of institutional investors we assist small emerging public and private companies to potential funding sources. Our qualified subscribers gain access to new investment opportunities such as private placements, Reg A 'crowdfunding', and Initial Public Offerings (IPO) in emerging data related startups.

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Application Development

AI VentureTech offers small companies access to application developers to build their projects. Choose from our 75+ skilled programmer team who put in their best efforts to deliver you excellent outputs to bring up the best of your business. We can assist in building your company applications utilizing some of the more popular data developer platforms out there today.

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Investment Partners

Contact us if you're an Institutional Investor, Family Office, or Private Equity firm interested in accessing new deal flow leads in the AI and data sector.

Technology Partners

Contact us if you're a company or AI solution provider interesting in collaborating and marketing your technology to host of new clients and investors.

We help businesses accelerate the adoption of new technologies and machine learning strategies and development


AI Venturetech is developing a premier AI Research Lab and Data Consulting firm in the heart of New York City focused on artificial intelligence, blockchain, and space technology. Request more information to learn how you can invest.