Data and Technology Consulting

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What We Do

AI Venturetech is a data and technology consulting firm that specializes in such areas as data analytics, 5G broadband, cloud integration, and web DevOps. In addition to tech development and project management we also assist companies on the corporate level in such areas as merger and acquisitions, capital formation, investor communication and awareness.


Services We Offer

  • AI/Data Applications
  • Data Analytics
  • 5G Wireless Broadband
  • Cloud Integration
  • Blockchain
  • Investor Awareness
  • Funding Introductions
  • Media and Promotion
  • Social Media and Branding
  • Amazon Alexa Integration

Benefits of Data Consulting Firm


  • Access to wider breadth of technology - integrate next generation technology such as AI/ML, 5G broadband, and cloud into your business model
  • Launch new commercial applications - deploy new commercial applications to increase revenue channels, and increase valuation for the company
  • Focus on your core business - let us be project managers for any new projects so you can keep your full focus where it belongs, on your core business
  • Attract new technology investors - generate greater investor awareness by integrating next generation technology, and increase your news and media promotional material to attract new eyes to your story
  • Cost savings on human resources - no need to pay expensive salaries or benefits for in-house developers, while utilizing a potential development team on-call when ever you need them