AI Venturetech is a leading New York City-based financial services firm that specializes in the unique needs of both publicly traded and emerging private companies operating in the fields of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and quantum computing. The firm helps its clients secure investment financing, facilitate strategic joint ventures, and foster innovative research collaborations.

Public Companies:
We provide public technology access to our investment banking and family office network, helping them raise growth capital and build awareness for their story on retail trading side. Additionally, we offer strategic guidance on integrating AI and business automation to drive shareholder value while developing robust compliance frameworks around future AI regulation with SEC.

Private Companies:
As a trusted advisor, we support emerging private AI start-ups with strategic capital markets expertise, and connecting them to venture capital partners. We also offer comprehensive guidance on public listing pathways, such as IPOs and M&A, advisory board development, and user acquisition strategies to scale up their platforms.

AI Venturetech also advises financial industry firms on Wall Street regarding AI integration for wealth management, quant trading, predictive analytics, regulatory compliance, and data management security


  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Project Management
  • Academic Collaborations
  • Media Communication
  • User Acquisition

Financial Services

  • Investment Banking
  • AI Governance
  • Virtual Presentations
  • Investor Relations
  • Investor Roadshows