Mission Statement

AI VentureTech core mission is to develop research projects that are geared for the benefit of all humanity. It seeks to attract a diverse body of PhD and Data Science experts to develop research projects, and relationships with many countries and regions, while working to address fundamental human bias's that may arise from such research.  For this reason AI VentureTech undertakes as its mission to develop research in the areas of A.I. and Robotics with the core focus towards the betterment of mankind, and humanity as a whole.

...Data for Good!


About AI VentureTech

AI VentureTech, Inc. is an early stage development team focused on the areas of artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics. The Company's technology accelerator division seeks out disruptive startups with in the areas of business analytics, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, visualization tools, predictive modeling, and cloud advanced analysis by assisting them with access to funding, and consulting in the area of mergers and acquisitions.

Meet the Team

Here are some of the people behind this project to help bring start-up capital to some of the new disruptive technologies in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

Tom Bustamante

Founder, and CEO

Mr. Bustamante has been advising public companies in technology, marketing, and public relations as the founder of Ludlow Reseach for nearly 20 years. His creative insight for next generation technology, and how these new tools will alter our world in the future, makes him the core visionary for AI VentureTech. The world that once was is now fading, and a new era of A.I. has begun.

Richard A. Friedman

Legal Counsel,
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP

Mr. Friedman is principally engaged in the practice of Corporate and Securities Law, with a concentration on public offerings and private placements. He also represents publicly-held companies with their 1934 Act reporting obligations and with NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE and other exchange listing and compliance matters.

Frank Ferraro

Advisory Board

Mr. Ferraro was the former head of trading and market making at Citadel Securities Corp., which assisted well over 100+ public companies in filing their Form 15c-211 to list on the OTC trading exchange. Mr. Ferraro's knowledge in securities compliance, experience in FINRA related issues, and contacts within the securities industry will make him an excellent addition to the Board of Advisors to AI VentureTech, Inc.

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