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(NEW YORK)--Along with Investor Relations, smaller companies should consider adding an artificial intelligence (AI) strategy to their overall business plans to remain competitive in a rapidly changing economy.

Companies have PR firms for media, and IR firms for investors, and should now consider appointing an AI firm to maintaining a competitive advantage for the economy of tomorrow.

Broadly speaking, an AI firm can support three important business needs: automating business processes, gaining insight through data analysis, and engaging with customers and employees.

Here are four ways how an AI strategy can help your business:

- Improve Sales and Marketing With An AI-Infused CRM
- Automate Customer Communications
- Streamline Human Resource Tasks
- Acquire Competitive Intelligence

AI Venturetech is a data technology consulting firm that specializes in such areas as data analytics, 5G wireless, cloud integration, and automation. In addition to project management, we also assist companies on the corporate level in such areas as merger and acquisitions, capital formation, investor communication and awareness.

Benefits We Offer Clients

Access to wider breadth of technology - Integrate next generation technology such as AI/ML, 5G wireless, and Cloud services into your business model.

Attract new investors - Create greater investor awareness by integrating next generation technology, and increase news and media material to attract new investors to your story.

Focus on your core business - Let us be project managers for any new projects so you can keep your full focus where it belongs, on your core business.

Cost savings - No need to pay expensive salaries or benefits for in-house developers by retaining a development firm on-call when needed. In addition, our 20 years’ experience in investor communications also provides companies with an AI and IR firm wrapped in one.

AI/IR Communications

Digital communication channels have become an integral part of the Investor Relations model. From emails and the distribution of announcements to financial events taking place “virtually” with the use of webcasting and web and video conferencing. The next digital frontier for IR is the use of artificial intelligence (AI).


Data and technology are changing at a rapid pace, and companies who want to compete in the future need to consider implementing an AI Strategy to their overall business plan and appoint a firm they can call on to lead these initiatives while they focus on their core business operations.

AI Venturetech assists small public companies in developing an AI and Data strategy, and how best to communication this plan to the investment community to generate greater investor interest in a company’s story. If you would like to schedule a call to see how we may be able to assist you please feel free to contact us

AI Venturetech, Inc.
Phone: 347.483.0121

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