Below are several projects AI VentureTech is currently focused on developing in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics. The Company seeks to build applications in these fields in-house and through collaborations with current technology partners and academic institutions.

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Current Projects

- Deep MedTech: Utilizing machine learning for Medical Research
- Realm Robotics: Utilizing robotics, IoT, Smart Home, and Automation solutions
- DeepSkyOne: Applications in communication, Telecommuting, and 5G
- Next Realm AI: Application research lab in Space Technology and Deep Learning

Collaborate With Us

Do you have a machine learning technology solution or service you seeking collaboration on? Become a partner and lets collaborate your service into a suite of machine learning solutions for companies seeking to harness their data for commercial uses.

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Investor Opportunities....

AI Venturetech works with institutional and qualified 'accredited investors' who have a interest in startup investment opportunities within the artificial intelligence and robotic sector. Register to join our investor network below to request more information and receive updates on new investment opportunities.