Below are projects AI VentureTech is currently focused on developing in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics

5G Cloud Platform

DeepSky1, in conjunction with our Telecom partner Hammer Fiber (HMMR), plans to develop a 5G Cloud Platform to assist developers in building A.I. and Machine Learning applications. DeepSky1 will embark on creating a 5G Cloud Platform that will bring next level broadband power for Deep Learning developers and programmers, with specific focus in the areas of Smart City's, Autonomous Vehicles, Drones, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Medical Technologies, Education, Mobile Applications, and web hosting services for developers. For more information visit or

Mobile Enterprise Applications

Deep Sky Mobile is a development stage company focused on providing cellular communications service for consumers, as well as enterprise solutions for such areas as autonomous vehicle tracking, Internet of Things (IoT), and Smart City solutions. Deep Sky Mobile will look to develop next generation applications for more advanced ‘intelligent phones’ that will encompass A.I enabled tools into its suit of services. Deep Sky Mobile is a subsidiary of AppSwarm (SWRM), under their newly formed AppSwarm5G division.


Our robotics division will develop a number of robotic projects geared towards both the consumer, and commercial market. These projects will range from personalized home robotic companions for the consumer, to commercial robotics for use in hospitals, nursing homes, and educational institutions. Some of these projects could also incorporate A.I and drone technology for use in agriculture, security, and utilities.

Medical Technologies

Our medical division will collaborate with a number of top medical Universities, will explore the use of A.I. in the development of new drug and gene therapies in the areas of cancer, and heart disease. The use of A.I. in the area of drug and gene therapy research could help speed up development of novel products, while staying true to our core mission statement of developing A.I. for the betterment of mankind.

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